Rockishii Kashmiri Dried Apricots A Grade 500 Grams


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Health Benefits Of ApricotThe Health Benefits Of Apricot Include Its Ability To Treat Indigestion, Constipation, Earaches, Fevers, Skin Diseases, Cancer And Anemia. Apricot Oil Is Useful For Treating Strained Muscles And Wounds. It Is Also Believed That Apricot Is Good For Skin Care, Especially For Women. This Is Why You Find It Added In Various Cosmetics.Constipation: Apricots Are Rich In Fiber And Are Therefore Good For Smooth Bowel Movements. It Is Often Recommended To Patients Who Regularly Suffer From Constipation Due To Its Laxative Properties. It Also Aids In The Overall Digestion Of Food.Earaches: Apricot Oil Is Good For Earaches.Fevers: Apricot Juice Is Often Given To Patients Suffering From Fevers Because It Provides Necessary Vitamins, Minerals, Calories And Water To The Body, While Also Detoxifying Various Systems And Organs. Some People Also Use Steamed Apricot To Relieve Fevers.Skin Disorders: Apricot Oil Is Good For Skin Care. It Is Quickly Absorbed By The Skin And Does Not Keep The Skin Oily After It Is Applied. Apricots Are Not Just Useful For Maintaining The Smooth And Shiny Appearance Of The Skin; It Also Aids In Treating A Number Of Skin Diseases Including Eczema, Itching, Scabies, And A Number Of Other Irritating Conditions.Anemia: Owing To The Presence Of Iron And Copper, Apricots Help In The Formation Of Hemoglobin When You Consume Them. This Property Helps In Treating Anemia.Cancer: The Seeds Of Apricot Are Believed To Aid In The Treatment Of Cancer.Asthma: It Is Also Believed That Apricot Oil Is Anti-asthmatic In Nature And Helps In Treating The Disease And Its Related Symptoms.


Brand                                             ROCKISHII
Product Code                               FASKASHMIRI-DRIKASH2409836839CE1
Shelf Life                                       3 Months
Product Weight (In Grams)      500
Product Dimension (In CM)     9.652×6.858×3.556 (LxBxH)


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