Rockishii Kashmiri Turkish Dried Seedless Apricots Turkel 400Grams

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The visual beauty of dried Turkish apricots gives you a hint of what to expect when you bite into one of these soft, moist gems. They re a health-conscious way to satisfy your craving for something sweet. Their somewhat tropical flavor is a delight for your taste buds. Take them to the gym, to the office or enjoy them at home.
Brand                                                           ROCKISHII
Product Code                                              FASKASHMIRI-TURKASH24098AFE9F3C3
Package Content                                        Pack of 2 (200gm x 2)
Shelf Life                                                     6 Months
Product Weight (In Grams)                    400
Product Dimension (In CM)                   9.652×6.858×3.556 (LxBxH)


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