Pure Shilajit Himalaya Salajeet Mumijo Anti Aging Vitality Ayurvedic Asphaltum

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Shilajit is an ayurvedic herb;it is a kind of resin that comes out from the rocks of Himalaya and is pale brown to black in colour;which is completely safe;pure;100% natural and water soluble. Best quality of Shilajit is found on the great Himalayas;it is formed due to the breakdown of plants;and decomposed plants form a black tar substance known as Shilajit;which contains various types of minerals;elements;humic acid;fulvic acid;aromatic carboxylic acid;vitamins and amino acids. Shilajit supplements is extensively used in the treatment of various diseased conditions like cancer;depression;infertility;arthritis;Alzheimer s disease;sleep problem;schizophrenia;and it is also believed as the best anti-ageing remedy. Shilajit is very popular in men due to properties it helps in boosting stamina;vitality;immunity;strength;and improve overall strength both in men and women.

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