Rockishii Kashmiri Organic Red Chilli Powder Spices 1Kg

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A red chili powder grown in the Kashmir region of the Indian subcontinent that imparts a rich flavor and vibrant color to dishes.

It is popular in tandoori dishes, but it also used in masalas, curries, and other Indian dishes.

It is mostly used in Rogan Josh, a Kashmiri Dish with redish colour and mild in pungency.


Storage and Health Benefits

Powdered mirch should be stored in airtight jars in a cool place. Over time the spice will lose both its flavour and heat, so do not try and keep it for months but use it in your cooking. It contains vitamin C and antioxidants, which are good for your health. A small amount sprinkled across a doorway can keep ants and other pests away.

Other names:
Capsicum, Kasmiri Mirch, Red Chili


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