Comfort Wool 250 TC Electric Blanket (Double_Multicolour)

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It radiates heat from beneath inducing deep restful sleep even in the coldest of winter nights. The heat therapy relaxes the tired back and legs muscles. It helps ease stiffness and soreness and allows you to wake up feeling rested and fresh. The electric blankets are time tested,safe and comfortable. It has a power supply of 220 to 250 volts with a wattage of 200 watts. It consumes 2 units of electricity and can be used to 20 hours at a stretch. No laundry worries associated with this blanket. Switch off after max 60 minutes. The blanket needs to be checked and switched off after regular intervals to avoid over heating.

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Size : Double

Colour : Multi

Pattern : Checkered

Size : 5 feet x 5 feet

Brand : Comfort

Primary material : Wool

Weight : 3200 gms

About this item

  • Use the blanket over the mattress with a bed sheet over the blanket.

Important information

Safety Information:


Never heat the blanket when folded Non Washable Not advisable for children below 8 years Switch off the Blanket when not in use


Legal Disclaimer:


Instructions written on the instruction card need to be followed. The seller/manufacturer will not be responsible for any accident due to non following of instructions.

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